Committed To Quality

For more than a decade, Duckworth Electric Inc. has provided premier commercial and industrial electrical services throughout California. Our legacy is built on years of timely, quality workmanship.


Duckworth Electric Inc. is an electrical contracting company that services the Industrial and Commercial areas. Our outstanding performance record not only proves our expertise in planning and execution, but also demonstrates our ability to effectively manage qualified electricians and resources required for every electrical project. With over 20 years of experience as an electrician in this field, John Duckworth has led team Duckworth Electric since its founding in 2004. Our business reputation is built on our commitment to providing superior service quality, upstanding staff, and cost effective solutions for our customers.


Duckworth Electric seeks qualified individuals with the motivation to execute quality work. The Duckworth Electric team is comprised of an experienced force leading in both the field and the office. We need team members who can meet our high standards... could that be you?